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You’re at the right place to keep up with our latest events!  For those interested in joining the Civic Association, we always welcome new members.  Please browse our site – feel free to contact us either by email or phone if you would like more information.

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  • Casino Planning Meeting Saturday Aug. 17 at 1PM August 9, 2013
    Want to know what is going on with our upcoming "Casino Night"???Casino Planning Meeting Saturday August 17th at 1PMfor more information visit us at or visit us on facebook. (Jesse Harless)
  • Computer Donation - Lester Bloom Room May 30, 2013
    Thank you +My Computing RX LLC for donating a computer to +The New Lakes in Regency Park - Civic Center Lester Bloom Library. now we have access to the internet from the Clubhouse for those who do not have remote or laptop devices. Please feel free to use this resource!As always we do offer FREE wi-fi!!! (Jesse Harless)
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Online Newsletter Now Available! May 1, 2013
    +The New Lakes in Regency Park - Civic Center would like to announce that we now have an Online Newsletter! Thanks to the power of "Social Media" we now have the ability to learn more about what is happening in our community through various social platforms. As always our number one priority is keeping you informed about the latest events and devel […] (Jesse Harless)
  • Calling All Volunteers March 20, 2013
    +The New Lakes in Regency Park - Civic Center  and Lakes in Regency Park - Security Patrol are currently seeking volunteers willing to commit time, energy and passion into our organization.Please feel free to visit our Facebook page at for more information on how you can participate and help make your community the best place to […] (Jesse Harless)
  • Welcome to the New Lakes in Regency Park - Civic Center March 6, 2013
    Welcome Neighbors! The New Lakes in Regency Park - Civic Association has entered the "cyber" age!We are now able to "print" our Newsletter and information on current events and gatherings to our Blogger, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages!This combination of social media platforms will allow the residents to stay up to date with the late […] (The New Lakes in Regency Park)

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