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Membership Information

Our membership, annual building maintenance and pool fees have remained affordable because we depend on our members to support club activities and participate in volunteer activities that generate revenue for operating expenses.
Annual building fees are collected from each adult member. Fees are $30.00 for the calendar year. Any adult member who would like to use the pool will be charged a pool user of $70.00 per member for the calendar year.


When are annual fees paid?
All fees are paid for a calendar year. Ideally, we would like to collect in January. We do not have a paid bookkeeper so this system minimizes collection efforts. No matter when your fees are paid during the year – they cover the current year from January through December.

What benefits do member get?
All current members are eligible to join the pool, we have free wi-fi at the property and member discounts are provided for sponsored events and hall rentals. Resident members benefit by having a vote on any change in the use of the clubhouse.  Voting on facility use is a right reserved for residents of the Lakes in Regency Park development.  All members are welcome to use the clubhouse for existing groups, meetings and social events.  If you don’t see an activity that you would like to attend – please bring your ideas forward.  We encourage new projects.

Can I just join the pool?
No, for liability purposes, our pool can only be used by club members in good standing.  This means your annual fee of $30.00 must be paid — along with your annual pool user fee of $70.00.  Total fees for each person using the pool is $100.00 each year.

Can I bring a guest to the pool?
Yes.  Guests are permitted if accompanied by a paid pool member.  Fees are $3.00 for adult guests and $1.00 for guests under 18 years of age.  Payment is collected at the pool.  There are envelopes available and fees are deposited to a lock box near the restrooms.  This is an honor system; however violation of guest policy is grounds for revoking membership.

Can a family member be a guest?
All residents over 18 in the same household are required to have their own individual paid memberships.  If you have a visiting family member it is permissible to grant them guest status for a limited number of visits.

How much is the member fee for children?
Children residing in your household are free.  This means any child under 18 that you have care and custody of will not be charged.  Children must be accompanied by the a paid member who is their parent, guardian or responsible party.  We do not have a lifeguard on duty.  Members are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of any guests they may invite.

Can I reserve the pool for a party?
No.  Many members are paid pool users so the pool must remain available to everyone.  You may bring guests to the pool for special occasions – but the space is only available on a first come-first served basis.  Courtesy is expected towards other users at all times, this is a shared resource.    Any guests must be paid for at the time of use and the member is fully responsible for the behavior and safety of their guests.

Who handles pool maintenance?
Our pool is inspected annually by the Department of Health and we are required to have a professional service monitor and service the pool.  This is done on a weekly basis.

Who cleans the pool area and rest rooms?
You do!  We do not have a cleaning service for the facility.  All members are responsible to clean up after themselves.  This includes picking up toys, trash, clearing tables and ensuring the rest room is left tidy.  All pool furniture must be put back in its proper location and barbeque grills must be extinguished and cleaned.

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